O! Wing Plus

Wings Reviewed: Buffalo, Hot Mama!

Genre: Wing Place

Overview: O! Wing Plus is a relatively new single location wing establishment located on Page Avenue. It is way out of my my way, and is also my favorite “Wing Place” in the St. Louis area. Despite it’s location, I’ve say I’ve been 5-6 times since it opened.

Their prices aren’t particularly cheap (also, they aren’t listed on their website, leaving this unprepared journalist in the dark) but the care that goes into each wing is high. They are definitely worth the price.

They offer 9 wing sauces, most of them asian-inspired and they offer wings or strips. Boneless wings aren’t on the menu. The service, which is order at the counter and delivered to your table, is always friendly.

O! Wing Plus is bright and friendly in atmosphere, and the walls are hand-painted with fun designs. They don’t serve beer here, though they do have painted rocks of Jesus, The Pope, and the St. Louis Rams logo.



Every chicken wing place has to offer a standard buffalo sauce, and O! Wing Plus’s certainly does the job. In the picture above, these are the redder ones on the left.

O! Wing Plus’s wings are uniformly great in that every time I have been there, they are crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The wings are breaded, and though the breading doesn’t have too much spice to it, it does add a great crunch to the wing experience. These wings are larger than I normally prefer, but because of how well they are cooked and breaded, the size is not a negative factor.

These buffalo wings are certainly not a standard Franks sauce, thought I couldn’t tell you what exactly was unique about them. They are certainly aesthetically pleasing, with their bright red color. These are about of average spiciness for the Hot Buffalo style.

With so many great flavors on the menu, I wouldn’t make the buffalo wings a part of the order. This is more a testament to how good the rest of their wings are than a bash on the buffalo wings.

Hot Mama!


I say I wouldn’t order the buffalo sauce, because the “Hot Mama!” sauce might be my favorite on the planet. The second spiciest sauce on the menu, the Hot Mama! sauce is described as “an irresistible blend of honey and hot chilies, this feisty sauce will leave you wanting more.”

These wings are right at the upper range of my comfortable heat tolerance. I ate this order without sweating or face tingling, some things that happen if I eat B-dubs mango habanero sauces. But no doubt, these may be too spicy for many.

The spice is balanced so wonderfully with the honey though that the spice is pretty well offset. The menu description of the sauce doesn’t mention peanuts, but this is a sauce that has a thickness that makes me think they might be involved edit: and there are none involved.. Also, I keep calling this a sauce, but it might be more of a glaze? I’m not a scientist.

Everything I said about the buffalo wings preparation applies to these as well. Even if you’re worried they might be too spicy, I’d still consider adding these to your order. They are just exploding in flavor and wonderfulness.

Visited at 7pm, 10/22/2013, 10094 Page Avenue, 63132