My name is Jon Becker and this is my chicken wing review site. I’m a St. Louis native and have been eating chicken wings since a young age. Growing up, my favorite chicken wings were from The Clown (Rest In Peace) at The Lake of the Ozarks and Culpepper’s at various locations around St. Louis. For the last 10 years, when my family wants wings, we go to Schotzzie’s, which I hold in extremely high regard.

Wing Philosophy

I am not by any means a chicken wing purist. I like & respect the traditional buffalo wing, but enjoy a wide variety of sauces, glazes and rubs. I don’t take ranch, blue cheese or celery with my wings, the first two because of an irrational mayonaise aversion and the latter because I think it’s boring.

I consider boneless “wings” to be a friendly relative of the bone-in traditional wing and you may see them reviewed here from time to time. I don’t use wet-naps and I do lick my fingers. I believe that every bar should serve chicken wings and will order them at most bars that offer them if I’m looking for food.

My spice tolerance is higher than average, but not insane. On a Buffalo Wild Wings menu, the hottest flavor I ever order is Mango Habanero, and I think that it’s uncomfortably hot.

I have driven out of my way and gotten caught in a blizzard to eat at the disputed home of the buffalo wing, Anchor Bar, in Buffalo, New York.

Journalistic Crap

I have not been paid or given free or discounted food for any of these reviews. I’m not interested, so don’t ask. I do my best to review the quality of the wing independent of the quality of atmosphere, service or my blood alcohol level at the time of consumption – this one can be tricky. Each review is based on a visit that I’ve had since I began writing this blog and not on an abstract memory of eating these wings in the past. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or requests for a review, please visit my contact page or get at me on Twitter.

Old Stuff

There used to be a Wing Map on this site and a big section on my review methodology. I no longer am updating my wing map or holding myself to these methodology standards. However, feel free to click those links and take a look.