Pizza Hut/WingStreet: All Sauces and Seasonings Reviewed Week 5

After a long and much deserved break, I returned to Pizza Hut today to conclude my review of their 8 boring sauces and 2 boring rubs which they now serve on their even larger boring chicken wings.

I’ve taken such a long time between before my last review because… I’ve been dreading this process. None of these wing sauces have been truly bad but I’ve come to the realization that I don’t actually like any of them.

I was scheduled to review Lemmon Pepper (rub) and Smokey Garlic (limited time sauce) but smokey garlic is now no longer a flavor and they don’t seem to have replaced it with another limited time sauce. I wasn’t paying that much attention when I ordered though, so I ordered Spicy Garlic again instead.

This is mercifully the last review in the series. If you want to check out my other Pizza Hut/WingStreet related work you can look at the intro or the overall rankings for links to the rest of it.

Lemon Pepper (rub)

Yep, these sure are wings with a lemon pepper rub. I like that rub though, and these wings are pretty tasty. They were juicy and overall not bad.

The flavor was mild but unoffensive in pretty much every regard. The rubbed wings are a bit crispier than their sauced counterparts and that’s good.

Spicy Garlic (again)

I didn’t have much to say about these the first time and I don’t have anything new to say about them now. This was a dumb project.