Pizza Hut/Wing Street: All Sauces & Seasonings Ranked Week 1

This is week one of a whole thing. You can read about the project here, or see the overall power rankings here.

Buffalo Mild

Most mild buffalo sauces are boring and taste too much like butter and not enough like hot sauce. For this reason, I don’t like most buffalo mild sauces very much.
Pizza Hut/WingStreet has bucked the mold here, with a sauce that remains true to its “Mild” name, but appears to have taken a different route on the “buffalo” trail. Rather than being too buttery, this mild sauce has a tanginess to it. This sauce has more of an asian feel to it compared to a traditional buffalo sauce, but is pretty nice. These are not spicy at all. I liked them more than expected.

Cajun Dry Rub

I like cajun rubs. I like BWW’s version. I really like St. Louis Wing Co’s version. I expected to like these more.
This… struck me as more of a BBQ rub with a small amount of jerk seasoning instead of a true cajun rub. Also, the rub was unevenly distributed, with some wings getting lots and some getting almost none. Bummer. These aren’t bad, but they are not a shining example of their style.

The Buffalo Mild, overall, were a bit better than the cajun dry rub. That surprised me.