St. Louis Pizza & Wings

Wings Reviewed: Hot

Genre: Known for Wings Place

Overview: St. Louis Pizza & Wings features… you guessed it: Pizza & Wings. Bonus if you guessed that it was St. Louis style pizza, because it is!

According to their website, they have 8 locations around the St. Louis area. For this review, we took carryout from the location on Hampton avenue. We used a Groupon-type deal for an order of wings and a large pizza.

Normally, I try to avoid carryout for my wing reviews, but for a place that appears to do most of their business off of carryout and delivery (Their slogan on their website is “Pizza and more to your door!”), it seemed like a fair enough assessment.

This place is not classified as a “wing place” because while they have the word “wing” in the name, the pizza is clearly the focus of the menu. They offer 8 different varieties of wings in the normal types of sauces. They offer their wings in 3 styles: “chicken wings” “boneless wings” and “hand breaded wings” and also serve a buffalo chicken pizza. Wings are $7.99 for 10 pieces. Dine-in was available at this location, though I can’t speak to other locations



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Unless someone from an establishment has personally offended me (certainly not the case here), I take very little pleasure in writing about bad food.

So, I’ll keep this brief: the wings were soggy, the chicken was below average in quality (and too large in size, especially considering the sog factor) and the sauce was uninteresting.

If you’ve got wings in your name, and most of your business is from delivery, there’s gotta be a better method than this. Maybe the other formats of wings (boneless or hand breaded) travel better, and maybe some of the other sauces are more interesting, but if I were going to order from here again (I probably wouldn’t, at full price), I’d stick with the pizza.

Visited at 7pm, 10/15/2013, 4925 Hampton, 63109

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